Church Web Design Project

Project Details

Soterai LC was a large project. They needed a website, an online store, and they wanted to live stream their services on their own terms and from their own website and server and not be bound by the limitations of other platforms. We built their website on WordPress so they could have a straightforward way to update their website, add events to their calendar along with other content. This also allowed us to integrate an online store and shopping cart system with WooCommerce to sell books, and their taped sermons as digital downloads. Finally, we set up a dedicated video streaming server with Own Cast software. Now they can live stream their church services from their website with their own branding.

Website Features

  • Responsive
  • Website Package
  • Custom Church Web Design
  • Live Streaming Server
  • Events Calendar
  • Online Store and Shopping Cart
  • Website Management
  • Hosted on Google Cloud servers

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